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Wednesday 1st April 2015 
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Positive tone to risk sentiment and the dollar
The week on financial markets got off to a positive start from a risk sentiment perspective. Some positive macro data surprises from the Eurozone calendar yesterday, expectations that the Fed will not rush into hiking interest rates and dovish c...
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As at 07.57 Tuesday, 31 Mar 2015

weekly market brief
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NO MORE ONE DIRECTION: As we come to the end of Q1, a noticeable feature on FX markets so far this year has been much greater uncertainty and volatility…..* The major trends are clear, though, with the dollar and sterling rising strongly again...
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As at: 15.04 Friday, 27 Mar 2015

exchange rate monthly
irish housing market
Steep fall in oil prices adds to weak inflationary…* Central banks in strongly growing economies may well have to hike rates this year…* EECB expected to launch a major QE government bond purchase programme soon…* Euro at key support levels a...
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other economic research
* Manufacturing stable in January, but data remain distorted by outsourcing abroad….* Services index picks up strongly in January—YoY growth jumps to 12.6%, an all-time high….* Construction PMI falls sharply in Jan/Feb, may in part reflect some ...
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